International Master 1 "Plant and Microbial molecular Biology" (PMB)


Welcome to the PMB Master 1!


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In the current context of population growth and limited arable land and fossil resources, global food security remains a major challenge worldwide. Improving the production and use of plants and micro-organisms for food, feed, health, the environment or industry in a sustainable way will require creative research in which the scientists of tomorrow must be trained.

Thanks to recent advances in molecular biology, contemporary biology has seen the advent of "omics" approaches and the possibility to generate large-scale data at different levels of analysis from the genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, epigenome and others. In this context, the so-called systems biology approach aims to integrate these multiple data, to model them and to come up with predictive models of biological behaviour.

The objective is to acquire a quantitative vision of biological processes such as the dynamic interactions between components of a living system, and also between living systems in interaction with the environment dedicated to plants and microbial models.

Program Goals and Skills

Students undertaking the course will gain hands-on experience in experimental Biology, modelling and designing. They will also enhance transversal capacities including planning a project, giving a seminar, perceiving the industrial, economical and ethical issues associated with these developing fields.